Acuna’s Mexican Products is a producer, importer, and distributor of Mexican Products of high quality. Working for more than 24 year in the Northwest Market.

We currently manage a varied product line like Dry Chiles, Spices, Seeds, Snacks, Beans, Canneds, Butter, Dairy products, Jalapeños, Tomatillos, Sauces, Beverages and more.


The brands and products shown here, as well as their producing companies, are recognized for their great quality and guarantee nationwide.

Mexican Restaurants & Latin Stores, Partners all the Time

Acuna’s is one of the most important supplier of Mexican Products in the area with more than 24 years in the Market.

From the Most Fertile Lands

A partnership with Acuna’s guarantees not only a great Service and Distribution but also, Fresh and High-Quality Products all the time.


Acuna’s distribution operates with more than 800 customers
around the Pacific Northwest through Oregon and Washington.

Delivering a Great Service and Distribution Every Day

Thanks to our logistics and distribution network, we guarantee our clients great coverage.